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唯亮企业是专业的汽车电动窗升降机制造厂,我们有坚强的 R&D 团队,能满足客户对各种产品的需求。严格的质量管理,生产优质产品,产品遍及全球,皆获客户肯定与好评。我们本着「质量可靠、服务周到」的经营理念,期盼能与客户共同成长,创造更有价值的未来。本公司目前已通过 ISO 9001 认证。

Wei Liang Power Window Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Jimmy Chao in Taichung Taiwan in 2006. The name of Wei Liang has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas ever since the company firm was founded in Taiwan in 2006...

We recently became ISO 9001-certified. Contact us for more information... » more

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